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'Brexit impact on our foreign workforce a big worry'

By Angus Wilson, Wilson’s Country Potatoes

It is fair to say that from our current perspective Brexit could deliver a mixed bag for our business. On the one hand the low interest rate environment in the medium-to-long term looks positive and is welcome. On the other, because we operate on an All-Ireland basis, trading both north and south and importing and exporting goods, we would be concerned about the implications of any new trade tariffs that may result from Brexit.

We are also worried about the volatility in exchange rates, which is particularly difficult for a commodity-based business like ours. Any sustained period of uncertainty around exchange rates is never good.

Another of our main concerns would be around potential restrictions on the movement of people which flows from Brexit. We currently have an excellent European workforce that is vital to the success of our business. If Brexit was to in some way put off the next wave of workers or limit the flexibility we all require, that could present the entire local economy with a huge challenge down the line."

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