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British Steel wins contract to supply rails to Finnish Transport Agency

British Steel has won a new contract to supply rails to a Finnish company, on the 10th anniversary of rail production at its Scunthorpe site.

The company said the Finnish Transport Agency (FTA) had decided to use rails made by British Steel for the sixth consecutive year.

Peter Smith, British Steel's Managing Director Rail, said: "This is an important contract for us in a very competitive market place.

"The full contract will be split 50/50 between British Steel and another supplier, with our half of the contract seeing 5,500 tonnes of steel being delivered by April 2017.

"This will be produced at our Scunthorpe Rail and Section Mill, which is now 10 years old. The first deliveries will be made to the FTA over the coming weeks and the fact they have chosen us again is testament to the high standards we set.

"This is a major exporting contract for one of our target markets and it comes as a boost against strong European competition."