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Broker agency helps realise potential of cloud computing

By Clare Weir

Northern Ireland technology firms have teamed up to form a broker agency for cloud computing services.

Whisple Cloud Services has been formed to help businesses here realise the potential and benefits that the remote technology - which enables websites like Hotmail and Facebook - can offer.

The conglomerate comprises Anaeko, Equiniti ICS, Goldblatt McGuigan, Novosco, Replify, FocusXP, Swarmteams and EMC.

Whisple Cloud Services is supported by Invest NI with part funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

Chief executive Dermot Walsh said the ICT world is going through a period of significant transformation and there has never been a better time for individual firms and smaller regions to compete with the world's best.

"We have a relatively unique set of assets in Northern Ireland," he said. "Not only is our talent second to no other region, we also have a tremendous supporting eco system. Our region's small size is a massive benefit.

"We have received significant international support and validation for Whisple's business model and the potential for the region as a whole."