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BT 'boosts Northern Irish economy by £402m'

Telecommunications giant BT generated £402m for the Northern Ireland economy in the past year, according to a report.

Regeneris Consulting's research, which was commissioned by BT, showed that the company supports more than 4,700 jobs in Northern Ireland through direct employment, its spending with contractors and suppliers and the spending of employees.

The overall beneficial financial impact of BT activities is expressed as a gross value added (GVA) contribution. For Northern Ireland, the BT GVA totalled £402m – equivalent to £1 in every £70 of the Northern Ireland's total GVA.

Colm O'Neill, chief executive of BT Northern Ireland, said: "BT and its employees make a major contribution to the Northern Ireland economy. They are a key part of its prosperity and economic well-being.

"BT is at the centre of every community and our day-to-day work benefits every local authority area right across the UK."

He said BT's high-speed fibre broadband network would also be "essential to the future success of local businesses and households".

"The potential benefits to the region offered by that network are huge by any standards."

The report highlights that BT in Northern Ireland employs 2,210 people directly, as well as 640 contractors.

The report also said the company committed £785,900 to community, charity and voluntary programmes in 2012/13.

In addition, it has also encouraged employees to work flexibly, with more than 64 registered homeworkers – 2% of the direct workforce.

Stephen Nicol, managing director of Regeneris Consulting, said: "Our analysis confirms the sheer scale and reach of BT's economic contribution to the UK and its constituent local economies."

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