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BT's A to Z on the benefits of high-speed broadband


BT says superfast broadband gives business the edge

BT says superfast broadband gives business the edge

BT says superfast broadband gives business the edge

Superfast broadband is much faster and more reliable than standard broadband. It lets you make video calls, do homework online and stream music, all at much higher speeds - and all at the same time.

It's available to 78% of homes and businesses in the UK including Conor Magee, the owner of Pinnacle Worldwide, a travel consultancy in Lurgan, Co Armagh, which provides travel packages for clients in Northern Ireland, the UK and around the globe.

Mr Magee said: "We've been connected to superfast since it became available in this area three years ago and could not operate successfully without it. In today's fast moving travel industry, a fast reliable internet connection is essential.

"Superfast has enabled us to use a variety of social media platforms to reach out to a much wider audience and increase the number of clients we have outside Northern Ireland and beyond. Much of our work is dealing with luxury hotels across the world and with superfast we can liaise with them on a real time basis using video conferencing that requires that fast and stable network connection."   

BT presents its A to Z of superfast broadband:

A is for… Available

Over 90% of businesses and homes in Northern Ireland are connected to a fibre-enabled cabinet. That means most people can get fibre broadband already. Check if fibre broadband is available to you at www.nibroadband.com.

B is for… Big Build

In February 2014 the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment announced a collaborative fund of £23.5m to enable BT to deliver improved broadband services to over 45,000 premises in Northern Ireland.

C is for… Connect

Getting connected is simple. If fibre is available to you, choose your preferred broadband provider and package, and order.

D is for… Do more

With fibre broadband you can do more online at the same time. So, while you are uploading a large file to cloud storage, you can simultaneously send emails and update your website, while your colleague can video call clients and also download large image files.

E is for… Earn more

Fibre broadband is enabling businesses to increase their revenue and profit.

F is for… Faster

It is possible to upload 10 images to your website in 42 seconds, compared to 13 minutes 20 seconds using a standard broadband connection (based on upload speeds of 19Mb/s for fibre broadband, 1Mb/s for standard broadband and image size of 10MB per photo).

G is for… Grow your business

Fibre broadband makes it easier for you to reach new markets, target new customers and grow your brand worldwide.

H is for… High Definition

With superfast speeds, you can upload and stream HD video content smoothly. Or maybe you want to talk through and agree ideas face-to-face via full HD video calls with colleagues, customers and suppliers - anywhere in the world. It's even possible to do it in 3D.

I is for… Instant

No more waiting around or endless buffering. Get instant access to whatever you need to do online.

J is for… Journey

With a fast and reliable connection, you can begin to develop and expand your online presence, taking advantage of opportunities when they arise.

K is for… Keep up-to-date

Customers today expect up-to-date websites and online shops. Uploading web site content takes seconds, not hours.

L is for… Lighter

Did you know that a fibre-optical cable weighs less than a comparable copper cable? It's also thinner. The result is faster broadband.

M is for… Mobile customers

Customers want fast internet access everywhere they go and prefer wi-fi to 3G content. Offer superfast wi-fi at your premises to attract new customers, increase customer satisfaction and encourage customers to come back more often.

N is for… Necessary

Superfast broadband provides efficiency and cost savings, through improved online sales and marketing, improved online ordering and invoicing, enhanced video conferencing and VoIP (voice over internet protocol) services, and improved access to cloud-based services.

O is for… Open access

Northern Ireland's broadband network is open access which means that a wide range of providers are able to offer fibre broadband to you. Visit nibroadband.com/get-superfast to find out more.

P is for… Promote

With social media and online communication channels you can promote your business in a smarter, more targeted manner.

Q is for… Quick

Download images, videos and files are up to nine times faster than the UK's average standard broadband speed (based on download speeds of 76Mb/s).

R is for… Ready for the future

Fibre broadband ensures that you have the broadband infrastructure you need for your business' online needs in the next five, 10, or 15 years.

S is for… Storage

Combine hosted applications with online data storage and backup, and you'll dramatically cut computer hardware costs.

T is for… Twitter

Keep up-to-date with the latest news and information about superfast broadband in Northern Ireland by following @SuperfastNI on Twitter.

U is for… Universal

No matter how isolated your location might be superfast broadband puts the world at your fingertips.

V is for… Video conferencing

Video conferencing can provide a more flexible, efficient and cost-effective way of working, and will also cut down on the need to travel to meetings.

W is for… Work at home

Superfast broadband enables homeworking, allowing for a better work-life balance. Fibre broadband provides reliable access to business systems and allows employees to communicate effectively with colleagues or customers.

X is for… Xbox

Create a games space in your business for customers' children to play Xbox or PlayStation games online.

Y is for… You

Fibre broadband can transform how you do business. Discover how other businesses are using fibre to maximise their own business ideas at nibroadband.com/business.

Z is for… Zillions of

opportunities online

Superfast broadband is giving businesses the power to take advantage of thousands of online opportunities.