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Builder set to shed 50 posts after consultancy

By Clare Weir

The number of jobs expected to be lost from Ballymena building firm Pattons following an announcement last month is expected to be around 50.

Patton Group said at the beginning of January a number of roles were at risk of redundancy.

A spokesman said the company had since completed a "collective consultation process" and as a result a number of candidates for voluntary redundancy had come forward, reducing those affected by mandatory redundancy.

"As a business we are striving to be as efficient and competitive as possible and we need to be leaner throughout our operation to allow us to compete successfully in each of our core operating sectors," he said. "This unfortunate process reflects the prolonged downturn in the construction sector and is driven by the demands of the current fiercely competitive market place."

The family-run firm celebrates 100 years in operation in 2012.