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Bullying is rife in the workplace, claims new survey

By PA Reporter

Bullying including shouting, shoving, intimidation and threatening behaviour has been witnessed or suffered by almost six in 10 people at work, a survey claims.

In a survey of 2,000 workers, 37% said they had been bullied while another 21% said they had seen bullying being inflicted on a workmate.

Tight deadlines, personality clashes and office politics often caused tensions to run high but just 48% of workers said they did anything about the bullying, according to the survey commissioned by employment law specialists Slater and Gordon.

In fact, 10% feared they would lose their job if they complained, while 23% did not think it was their responsibility to say anything. In addition, 33% of workers said they felt too awkward to speak out about the bullying while 26% said it as part of the culture of where they worked. Seeing workmates sworn at was witnessed by 52% of those questioned while 25.3% said they had seen a colleague being deliberately humiliated by a bully. The bullying was disguised as "workplace banter" in 56% of cases while 68% said the behaviour was "subtle", such as leaving a colleague out of work events, according to the survey.

Bullying had also reduced 21% of workers to tears, the survey found.

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