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Burger chain chief hits out at 'snobbery' over jobs

The chief executive of McDonald's has criticised the "snobbery" some people display towards jobs at the hamburger chain despite the firm's attempts to help young people find work.

Jill McDonald told a meeting of company directors that the US giant was creating thousands of jobs and helping young people gain qualifications while in work.

"There is a lot of snobbery around our jobs," she told the annual convention of the Institute of Directors.

Ms McDonald said the youth jobless rate in the UK is around 20%, compared with 7% in Germany.

Young people who fail to find work feel undervalued, said Ms McDonald, saying they should be offered "quality" jobs.

"At McDonald's, we offer not just jobs," she told the directors.

In a separate interview, Ms McDonald said there had been an element of snobbery around work in the firm's restaurants, leading some commentators to dub roles there as McJobs.

But she said there was also a snobby feeling about workplace training generally.

"I am definitely not saying that people shouldn't go to university if they have the opportunity to do so, but I do believe it might not be the right route for everyone," she said.

"Work-based training can be a fine option for young people to consider. It is possible to get nationally recognised qualifications to a high standard, which is good for young people and employers."