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Bushmills steams in with brand new whiskey


Sherry Cask Reserve from The Bushmills Steamship Collection

Sherry Cask Reserve from The Bushmills Steamship Collection

Sherry Cask Reserve from The Bushmills Steamship Collection

Bushmills whiskey has launched its first new product after being taken over by Mexican tequila business Jose Cuervo two years ago.

The world-famous Co Antrim producer is hoping its new Steamship sherry cask reserve will tempt tourists as they pass through airports across the UK and Ireland.

The 'travel retail exclusive' - which means it is only sold at duty free and other airport shops - marks the 125th anniversary of the SS Bushmills, a large sailing ship the firm owned to transport whiskey across the Atlantic.

Colum Egan, master distiller at Bushmills, said: "For centuries distillers have experimented with different barrels, so naturally I was inspired by the adventures of the ship and the opportunities it opened to experiment with various casks from around the world.

"So, together with master blender Helen Mulholland, we created a whiskey with a rich, complex flavour and a smooth finish, a characteristic synonymous with our range of triple distilled whiskeys."

Bushmills is currently planning an expansion at its main site, after lodging an application for a new £30m distillery facility.

The company has filed a planning application for the facility which, it says, will "effectively double production capacity".

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David Phelan, director of Jose Cuervo global travel retail, said the new release "demonstrates Jose Cuervo's commitment to unlocking the potential of this legendary whiskey".

"The Steamship Collection is available now in Belfast, Dublin and London Heathrow, and while it can't be purchased elsewhere, we hope distribution will extend across the world," he said.