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'Business as usual' for Amazon as it announces 1,000 new UK jobs

Amazon is to create an extra 1,000 new jobs this year as its UK boss claims it is "business as usual" following Britain's decision to quit the European Union.

Doug Gurr said that the new recruits will be spread across the online giant's corporate offices, fulfilment centres and its research and development wing as the firm continues to expand the rollout of Prime Now, Amazon's ultra-fast delivery service.

On Brexit, he said: "This is going to take a while to work out, we don't know what the outcome will be. We're keeping our heads down and focusing on doing what we do.

"Sales are in line with expectations and it's business as usual."

When probed on what the vote might mean for Amazon's European staff and how the collapse in sterling might affect the business, Mr Gurr added: "We employ people from all over the world and celebrate that diversity.

"We will continue to operate under new regulations, we're still part of the EU today.

"If you create a meaningful work, people will come from all over the world. Dealing with exchange rates is nothing new, it works out in the long term."

Prime now covers more than 30% of the population, with Amazon also opening two new fulfilment centres in Manchester and Leicestershire to cope with demand.

Mr Gurr said Amazon is gearing up for its biggest ever Christmas and the new jobs tally at the internet giant now stands at 3,500 for the year, with the firm employing 15,500 across the UK.

The group's latest Consumer Trends Report showed that the business also supports 74,000 UK jobs via Amazon Marketplace.