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Business gets a healthy boost after an online breakthrough

By Margaret Canning

A Co Down woman has had another shot at success after turning a tough business climate to her advantage.

Jacquelyn Stewart decided to close down her unit in Bow Street Mall, Lisburn, because of the high costs of running a shop.

Instead she looked into extending the life-span of her wheatgrass juice and, with the help of food scientists, was able to give it a longer expiry date of 12 weeks.

That breakthrough enabled her to sell the wheatgrass shots online in foil pouches to customers further afield. Now she is selling around 500 shots a week.

"I now have customers in New York, Belgium, Spain and Italy - as well as the UK and the Republic. In fact, 67% of what I sell is now exported," she said.

Ms Stewart said she was inspired to set up a juice business after deciding to overhaul her lifestyle - including growing her own wheatgrass - when she was diagnosed with skin cancer.

While it is not marketed as a cancer treatment, she said around 40% of her sales were to those who had received a diagnosis and wanted a health boost.

Wheatgrass juice is described as having the same nutritional value as 1kg of leafy green vegetables.