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Business leaders bid to boost productivity and create skilled jobs

Business leaders are to develop plans to increase productivity and create new skilled jobs through digital technology.

A new group will meet on Thursday to look at ways of promoting innovation and increase exports as well as drive improvements in productivity.

Juergen Maier, chief executive of Siemens, who will chair the group, said: "Our review is about defining how the UK can best adopt radical new technologies that will boost productivity and create new high tech jobs across manufacturing and industry.

"We want the end result to be a sector deal for manufacturing that makes a real difference to companies regardless of their size or market.

"It is not yet too late for the UK to take the global lead in this space, but we are in danger of falling behind if we do not take up the challenge now - so our aim is position UK manufacturing and industry at the heart of a new global industrial revolution much like it was over 170 years ago when we first started doing business here."

Industry Minister Nick Hurd said last month's launch of an Industrial Strategy Green Paper showed the Government's commitment to driving productivity.

"Industry is best placed to identify what firms really need and we want them to come to us with proposals to transform and upgrade their sector.

"The independent Industrial Digitalisation Review will set out how the UK can maximise the use of digital technology to increase productivity, and create the high-skilled jobs we need for a successful, modern economy."