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Business leaders support corporation tax taskforce

By Tom Moseley

MPs and business leaders have broadly welcomed Northern Ireland’s new corporation tax taskforce, although there was a warning the process could “stall”.

And responding to Owen Paterson’s warning on double jobbing, SDLP and DUP MPs reiterated their pledges to end it.

On corporation tax, the DUP’s Ian Paisley, said: “This is going to happen now — we have not gone this far not to get it.

“The price is absolutely critical, and we have to make a decision based on the facts, not from the heart.”

Mr Paisley defended the work of the Assembly following the Secretary of State’s claim it “risks losing public credibility” if it doesn’t deliver.

Outgoing SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie confirmed that she intended to stand down from the Stormont Assembly when she is no longer in charge of her party.

She said the SDLP had “always been committed” to ending double jobbing.

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