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Business owners need to take a break

Northern Ireland business owners could help turn around the local economy if they only took the time to develop their leadership skills.

That is just one of the conclusions reached by experts from Queens University Management School following extensive research carried out on the EXCELUS Leadership Development Programme. .

Dr. Claire Leitch, who led the research team, said they were very impressed by the results of the EXCELUS programme, which has assisted many Northern Ireland businesses over the past decade, through hands-on learning techniques dealing with actual leadership and work issues.

“The results of this study demonstrate that in today’s difficult economic climate the development of leadership skills is vital to the creation of dynamic, competitive and sustainable growing businesses.

“The EXCELUS programme engages participants with actual leadership issues and challenges them throughout the course to identify how to act on and apply the skills learned and practiced during workshops,” added Dr. Leitch

Mervyn Nelson, Managing Director of EXCELUS, said when you put business owners who are experiencing similar issues together and challenge their leadership thinking you will almost instantly see positive change.

“Owner-mangers and entrepreneurs lead very busy lives but they are great learners and are often astounded by the improved performance that can be achieved by taking time out of their businesses, with other business owners and immersing themselves in a learning environment for a short period of time.

“If we can provide benefits in terms of personal leadership development and improved company performance then Northern Ireland plc is a clear winner as well as the business owners who participate,” added Mervyn.

The Queen’s University research has found that other benefits accrue such as increased self-confidence, improvement in the way the business is lead, improved communications leading to more effective and productive work practices and the application of coaching and delegation skills. It also leads to an improvement in the overall performance in the business in terms of increased sales, shop floor efficiency and the development of new markets including export markets

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