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By George... industrialist's speeches are put in print

By Margaret Canning

Sir George Quigley, a leading industrialist who was the first major campaigner for a corporation tax cut in Northern Ireland, is the subject of a new book published by Ulster Bank.

Sir George, who died two years ago, was a chairman of Shorts and of Ulster Bank - and it has now published his speeches in book form. He said only a corporation tax cut would increase the "buoyancy" of the province's private sector.

And he told an international advisory board meeting of Belfast Telegraph parent company Independent News & Media in 2006 that the Republic's low corporation tax policy should be followed here. "It shows what happens when you set out single-mindedly to globalise your economy and pursue consistently... a policy which has that as a top priority. Northern Ireland must do likewise."

In all, 600 copies of the book are being made available to guests at launch events in Belfast and Dublin, associates of Sir George and students of the peace process

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