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Call for 'good practice' in dealing with employee substance abuse

Ex-police officers are being hired by some companies to play "judge and jury" over drug users and intimidate workforces, it has been claimed.

Delegates at the GMB union's annual conference in Bournemouth said managers should offer proper training and support on substance abuse rather than threaten sanctions.

Northern delegate Gary Dewart said: "It's disgraceful that some ex-senior police officers now in key security positions are settling scores in the workplace.

"We need a balanced approach to help workers who have a problem with substance abuse. We want basic common sense and a charter of good practice in the workplace.

"It is essential that employers look to support and help vulnerable workers and mitigate not spend valuable management time on sham investigations which in too many cases result in sackings rather than providing the type of vital support required in today's workplace."

Delegate Ronnie Davison said substance abuse was "not handled correctly" by bosses.