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Call for increase in milk consumption for Northern Ireland school children

The Dairy Council for Northern Ireland is celebrating World School Milk Day by highlighting the importance of milk consumption for school children across Northern Ireland.

With approximately 60% of pupils making use of the EU scheme in which milk is offered at a subsidised rate, the council for Northern Ireland is calling for this to increase by approximately 10% to ensure that more young people in nurseries, key stage one and two classes benefit.

Dr Mike Johnston, Chief Executive of the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland, said: “A carton of school milk provides children with a natural source of many nutrients needed for their good health and development.

“As well as being fantastic value for money, milk is a rich source of calcium, essential for healthy bones and teeth.   A carton of break-time milk provides half of a five year old’s daily calcium needs. Milk also contains protein, potassium, iodine, phosphorus and B vitamins.

“It is important that we establish a routine for young people of drinking milk from an early age so that they will continue this habit into adulthood and benefit from the fresh, local milk that is on offer. Break-time milk provides a great opportunity to do this as well as offering children a good source of fluid to keep them hydrated and help maintain their concentration levels in the classroom.”

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