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Call to get tough over telecoms mis-selling

Independent telecoms provider Rainbow Telecom has backed a campaign by BT and the Trading Standards Institute calling on regulators to put an end to mis-selling in the telecoms marketplace.

However the Belfast-based firm, which competes directly with BT Retail, said it did not believe the method proposed by BT to Ofcom to tackle the problem was the best way forward.

Eric Carson, director of Rainbow, said: “Companies found guilty of mis-selling should be severely punished by Ofcom or Trading Standards. The PIN or PAC system would simply make it more difficult for people to switch and not tackle the issue at its base.”

Mr Carson said that to avoid falling victim to mis-selling consumers should be wary of people trying to sell over the phone.

He advsed asking for a copy of contract, checking terms and conditions closely as well as full details of call rates before a contract is agreed. Consumers should also note the time and date of calls.

Rainbow Telecom was established in 1999 and employs 40 people in Northern Ireland.

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