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Call to serve Weetabix at all international trade conferences

Weetabix should be served for breakfast at every international trade conference organised by one of the Government's departments, ministers have been told.

Conservative Philip Hollobone labelled the food as a "great British breakfast cereal", adding it should also be served at all early morning meetings held by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra).

Environment Secretary Liz Truss did not agree to Mr Hollobone's request in her reply to the Commons, although i nsisted Weetabix is a "real example of linking farm through to fork".

She noted she proudly displays her own box of "Elizabeth Truss Weetabix" on her Defra desk.

Speaking during environment questions, Mr Hollobone (Kettering) told Ms Truss: " You will know that Weetabix, which is based in Burton Latimer in my constituency, is a great British breakfast cereal because you launched the Great British food unit at its headquarters.

"Will you ensure that at all the Defra breakfast meetings and international trade symposiums that your department organises around the world that Weetabix is always served at these breakfast meetings?"

Ms Truss replied: "You are absolutely right that Weetabix is a fantastic product. And not only is it exported around the world, all of the wheat grown is from 50 miles of the Weetabix factory.

"So it's a real example of linking farm through to fork and I proudly display my own box of Elizabeth Truss Weetabix on my desk at Defra for all visitors to see when they arrive at my office."

Commons Speaker John Bercow added: "It's always useful to have a bit of information.

"We're very greatly obliged to the secretary of state. We've learnt more about her domestic arrangements."

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