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Care staff recruiter adding 50 new posts

By John Mulgrew

A recruitment firm for the care services industry is creating 50 new jobs.

Newtownards-based Peninsula Care Services is adding the new posts as part of a major recruitment drive.

It comes after managing director Jonny Cook hosted a recruitment day at his new office and training academy on Church Street.

Mr Cook - who currently has around 160 staff - said there remains a "constant need for care facilities" and new staff within the care services sector.

"In January we saw a heavy recruitment drive, where 31 new people were recruited; one new person a day and before the end of April we will be recruiting a further 50 jobs.

"Care home and domiciliary recruitment is certainly a booming business.

"There's a constant need for care facilities and people are often wanting to work through a recruitment company as opposed to directly with a care home, as there's more flexibility in working hours.

"At Peninsula we try to accommodate our staff as best we can, so they can have a healthy work and life balance.

"Also, in the run-up to the summer holidays, many people are thinking about earning an extra income and Peninsula is becoming an increasingly attractive option as a 'second' job."

Mr Cook worked for 10 years as a care assistant, senior care assistant and manager in a domiciliary agency before starting his own company.

"In this economic climate it's great to be able to create so many new jobs.

"While there are various permanent job vacancies for highly qualified care workers and nurses, there are also opportunities in Peninsula for those wanting to embark on a brand new career."

The deadline for applications for the new jobs at Peninsula Care Services is May 8.

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