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Careers app says bosses should have to share feedback with job interviewees

Employers should be required to share feedback with candidates after a job interview, a group is urging.

Most jobseekers who attend an interview never receive any information back from the managers who question them, said graduate careers app Debut.

Preparing for another interview is difficult if people don't know how they performed, said Debut.

A survey of 1,000 people aged between 18 and 23 found that half had to take a day's annual leave to attend an interview, spending an average of £41 on travel and new clothes.

Charlie Taylor, founder of Debut, said: " Feedback is powerful, and anyone who takes the time to attend an interview is entitled to it.

"There has been a real shift in the role played by the candidate and the employer during an interview in the last decade, with candidates moving into the ascendency and the panel grilling being replaced by the chemistry session approach.

"It's now time that employers saw the holistic value in giving feedback - it will have a positive impact on the quality of candidates in the future, it will cut down the time it takes to find the right person, and eventually the UK workforce will benefit as more people will be in employment."

Debut has launched a national petition to support its campaign.

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