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CBI calls for helping hand with exports

By Alan Jones

Business leaders have called for a new body to be set up to drive exports and help firms sell goods abroad, bringing firms together with politicians.

The CBI proposed the creation of an exports commission, similar to the ones that have set the minimum wage or the recently established body on infrastructure projects.

Simon Moore, the CBI's international director, said while the UK was performing well across the board, it struggled with exports.

"Britain's robust economic recovery has been the envy of many of our international peers, but our export performance has struggled to keep up the pace," he added.

"It's vital that our future prosperity is not compromised by political point-scoring."

Mr Moore said that an "independent, national exports commission, bringing together for the first time exporters and politicians to create targets and policies" would start to provide firms across the UK with "long-term certainty over Government policy and put business feedback at the heart of decisions over future priorities".

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