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Childhood friends tapping into video production surge have reason to crow

The world of video production is evolving quickly, yet for growing businesses it is an area that should not be ignored as it provides a highly effective tool for reaching out to potential customers.

It was through the popular website YouTube that childhood friends Paul Gilligan and Michael Elliott realised they had a talent for video production when their first blog, created for a friend’s business, received more than 10,000 hits.

Set up in October 2010, Red Rooster Productions provides pre-production, filming and post production.

“Neither of us had been self-employed before we started our company,” says Michael. “We attended the government-sponsored business start-up training programme, the ‘Go for it’ scheme, and received government-sponsored financial aid in the form of ‘Test Trading’ for the first six months of trade. We also borrowed a small amount of money initially to purchase camera equipment and video-editing software.”

While Paul studied a media course at Northumbria University and then worked on films such as Your Highness, which was filmed in Northern Ireland, Michael initially worked in architecture. He went on to train with Fusion Media Group, producing segments for RTE’s Nationwide.

Red Rooster Productions have found that most companies appreciate the value of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and are looking at video production as a way to profile their services.

“We have found that YouTube is in many ways much more effective than social media sites. The presence of a linked YouTube video to your website dramatically increases your online footprint, pushes your site further up the Google listings, making your company much easier to find on the web.”

As they offer a bespoke service to each client, the work that Paul and Michael do can vary widely from day to day. Their clients to date have included Fate and N! magazines, West Coast Cooler Belfast Fashion Week, Value Cabs and Belfast Taste and Music Festival.

The pair say they have used each new experience as a learning curve.

“All new businesses have a teething period. However, we have been lucky enough to work with many, experienced, professional people involved in all facets of Northern Irish media. We have benefited from their experience while they have benefited from our fresh approach,” says Michael.

“Our vision is to see Red Rooster transformed into the Northern Irish face of online entertainment. It is impossible to know exactly what will happen to online media in the future, but that is what makes it all so exciting and interesting. One thing is for sure though; we intend to be at the forefront of it all.”

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