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Cinema firm's Odyssey lease offer is rejected

By Claire Williamson

A bid to buy part of the Odyssey entertainment complex's lease has been rejected by the body that runs it.

Dublin-based cinema operator Omniplex had made an offer to take over the lease of the Odyssey Pavilion. The complex contains an IMAX cinema, bowling alley, bars and restaurants.

Northern Ireland's biggest entertainment venue was put on the market in 2012, two years after owner Odyssey Pavilion LLP went in to administration.

The proposed purchase needed the approval of the Odyssey Trust before becoming final.

The bid was rejected at a trust board meeting because conditions attached to it were viewed as unacceptable.

In a statement the trust said: "The conditions of the offer made would require the trust to fundamentally change the operational structures of the entire Odyssey complex. As such it would prejudice and undermine the trust's ability to manage the scheme effectively and protect the public investment."

It said any revised offer would be considered. The family-owned Omniplex primarily runs 11 cinemas on each side of the border.

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