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Cirdan creating 46 high-salary jobs in healthcare sector

By Margaret Canning

A medical imaging company in Lisburn is creating 46 jobs and carrying out a multimillion-pound research and development project as it responds to changes in healthcare.

Cirdan Imaging specialises in medical devices and software for surgery and cancer diagnosis.

It is investing in future growth in the precision medicine market, which aims to tailor treatment to the individual patient, with the jobs, which will each pay an average salary of £33,500.

The company is also embarking on an research and development project with the molecular pathology laboratory at Queen's University, Belfast (QUB).

The company is led by entrepreneur Hugh Cormican, also a co-founder of digital camera manufacturer Andor Technology - a QUB spin-out company. Its latest growth is backed by £1.4m from Invest NI.

Mr Cormican, chief executive of Cirdan, said: "Hospital laboratories are undergoing a major transformation as they adopt the new workflows and instrumentation required for the emerging precision medicine model of healthcare.

"Working with QUB, we intend to be at the forefront of this change, supporting laboratories globally to meet this demand.

"The new jobs will help us identify new markets and new customers, and our research and development investment means we can develop new products and expand our exports into the markets of Oceania (Pacific Ocean islands) and North America."

Invest NI chief executive Alastair Hamilton said: "Studies show a solid link between investment in research and development, profitability and growth.

"This project will enable Cirdan to develop new precision medicine product solutions to meet the future need of both existing and new customers.

"The jobs will focus on building the company's customer base in new markets, ensuring Cirdan is in the best possible position to capitalise on new opportunities and grow its business.

"Our support is helping this innovative company to scale up quickly. This is part of a strategic focus to support our smaller companies to realise their full potential and become our major employers of the future."

Cirdan currently employs 32 people.

Last year it secured £3.5m of investment, including support from Belfast IT giant Kainos plc.

It won £2m of funding from venture capital firm Kernel Capital, alongside £900,000 from Kainos.

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