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Clanmil to help tenants save money with bonus scheme

By John Mulgrew

Social housing group Clanmil has launched a new scheme aimed at helping its tenants save money.

It comes as Consumer Council research carried out in November shows that social tenants struggle financially more than any other group - with fewer putting money away for a rainy day.

The so-called Savvy Saver scheme runs in partnership with credit unions, with the tenant having their membership fee paid, as well as a £5 deposit being made to their account.

Those who save at least £5 a week for three months will then receive a £20 bonus.

Eddie Smith of Clanmil Housing said: "We want to help our tenants build a level of financial resilience that will give them the peace of mind of knowing that they don't have to borrow to pay monthly bills."

Rachael Cray of the Consumer Council said the group was "delighted to see the launch of such an innovative scheme to help social tenants save".

The scheme - which has already kicked off in several areas - has been launched with the help of £15,000 from Danske Bank.

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