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Class act set for Digital DNA date

By Clare Weir

Audience members at Digital DNA this week will be forgiven for doing a double-take when they are addressed by the master of ceremonies.

That's because Nicholas Bailey, the man with the mic, may be better known to some as EastEnders character Dr Anthony Trueman.

Mr Bailey admits his move into the business world has been a "bizarre career trajectory".

He said: "Digital DNA is an important thing to be happening in Northern Ireland. It's all about the transfer of information between companies in Northern Ireland and companies outside.

"It's not just about the Googles and the Apples - there are plenty of small companies doing really well because they are using digital tools effectively and using them to communicate their message across the world and compete with much bigger firms.

"On a personal level, I am excited about finding companies with potential in Northern Ireland and seeing how we can help them develop."

Self-employed as an actor for 20 years - including his long stint in EastEnders as Dr Trueman - he completed a coffee business and barista course at the London School of Coffee. He was also a teacher, and joined the Birmingham Business School full-time MBA programme, graduating with merit in December 2012.

Throughout all his experiences he says he recognised the importance of corporate reputation and leadership. He says he uses his skills to help future business leaders communicate their strategy and values.

He now works with top firms on presentation skills, vocal and physical techniques, impression management and employability.

He is also a registered growth and leadership and management coach.

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