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Cloud's silver lining as investment in HostSure creates 14 new tech jobs

A Londonderry cloud computing firm has created 14 new jobs, thanks to a £98,000 boost from Invest Northern Ireland.

HostSure provides services to corporate customers across Great Britain, Europe and the USA and has seen a growth in business activity as a result of securing a new contract. The new jobs include a new software tester, help desk operators and programmers.

Robbie O'Brien, director of HostSure NI, said the availability of skills, combined with support from Invest NI, encouraged the firm to base a new team in the north west.

"We identified a contract opportunity involving 24/7 helpdesk support and software development, but needed to get a team in place to capitalise on this new business," he said.

"We are pleased with the progress so far and hope to be in a position to further expand our workforce in the near future."

Ian Murphy, Invest NI's director of growth and scaling, said the 14 new jobs will generate more than £270,000 annually in additional salaries. "HostSure Northern Ireland is a young and ambitious company and its decision to expand in Derry is an important win for the area," he said.

"To have all of these jobs in place within a four-month timeframe reflects the effectiveness of Invest NI's Jobs Fund, which was designed to help businesses create jobs quickly."

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