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CMI survey says Belfast’s workers reluctant to embrace management

Workers in Belfast are among the most reluctant in the UK to take on management responsibilities, a survey claimed.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI), which has opened new premises at The Mount conference centre in east Belfast, said its research found workers in the city shied away from the challenges of working at management level.

Around 40% said they were not interested in being managers because they did not want the responsibility.

The Institute of Business Consulting is also making The Mount its base in Northern Ireland.

Belfast Lord Mayor Naomi Long performed opening duties, where she was also joined by Stanley Wallace, CMI regional manager Martin Rice of the Institute of Business Consulting and Andrew Campbell, managing director of The Mount.

Mr Wallace said its new premises at The Mount would enable it to offer support and advice to managers.

“We are keen to encourage people to improve their management skills and take on these new roles.

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“We want workers to realise that — with the right support and training — management and development of people can be hugely rewarding. But we also need existing managers to take on this challenge.

“We are calling on them to sign up to our manifesto pledges and be part of the transformation of management skills and perceptions Northern Ireland so badly needs.”

The CMI said it had developed a manifesto calling for managers, organisations and the Government to commit to helping to meet the economic, social and political challenges facing Britain.

In an earlier survey by CMI, almost 70% of managers said they were “accidental” managers who did not aspire to be managers at the start of their careers, while two in five said they did not want the responsibility of managing people at all.