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Co Antrim cider firm strikes deal to hit major markets

By Rachel Martin

Co Antrm cider firm Tempted has been snapped up by international drinks distributor Quintessential Brands. The London-based drinks group has struck a deal to take over 33% of the Lisburn-based cider company.

Tempted was established in 2009 by Davy Uprichard and his family. And the brand has won a raft of awards over the years, including two Irish Quality awards and a gold Cider Ireland award.

The firm's range includes standard sweet, medium and dry varieties, as well as strawberry and elderflower flavours.

Last year, the company invested in shredding and pressing equipment allowing the firm to produce 12,000 litres of cider a day.

Now as part of the deal with Quintessential, Tempted's products will eventually hit the market in the rest of the UK and Europe.

Founder David Uprichard said he hopes the firm will be able to up production to over one million litres within the next two to three years as a result of the deal.

"Seven years ago when we were producing just 5,000 litres a year," he added. "This year we have been able to up production to 250,000 litres of cider, but we expect that will increase drastically again over the next few years."

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