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Co Antrim firm MindMill to market profiling software in Middle East

A Co Antrim software company will market its human profiling software in the Middle East, North Africa and the Arabian Gulf through a new joint venture.

MindMill in Carrickfergus, which makes web assessment software for the recruitment market, said the new business developed after it took part in an Invest NI mission to Gulf centres last April.

Next, the company will take part along with eight other firms in an Invest NI trade mission in Singapore and Vietnam.

MindMill has set up a joint venture for its software with Silatech, a business initiative funded by the Qatari government. so that its system will be marketed in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Syria, Yemen, the Middle East and North Africa.

Invest NI trade director Dr Vicky Kell said the joint venture positioned the "progressive and export-led" company for future success.

She added: "The initiative will offer support to local people and companies, allowing them increased training, development and employment opportunities that will strengthen their economies."

Dr Kell also praised MindMill for a flexible approach to Silatech's requirements.

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Managing director Laing Mewhort said: "We secured the business due to the innovative features of our assessment software, its flexibility, ease of administration and accessibility over the internet."

MindMill employs software developers and psychologists to develop its products.