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Coffee chain Ground Espresso plans boost for growers

By Jamie Stinson

Coffee chain Ground Espresso is raising funds to build an IT centre to help the Honduran community which provides its beans.

The Northern Ireland firm, which has 14 stores, wants to improve living conditions of the area where it buys its coffee.

Now the team and store manager Michael French are trying to raise $20,000 (£13,500) through the stores, with events such as latte art competitions, hoping to draw in the cash.

Three-quarters of the population in the Capucas area is illiterate and the Honduras Project will provide up to 12 computers, two teachers and the unit to house the initiative.

When Ground - which uses around 20 tonnes of coffee annually - embarked on creating its own coffee, it wanted to make sure the growers were getting fairly treated.

Darren Gardiner, Ground co-founder, said the community had told them investment was needed in education.

"The co-operative is focused on programmes which support the community. One of those things is education, making children literate, and going to good schools."

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