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Coffee company Bailies brews up deal worth £450,000 to supply Stena Line

By Margaret Canning

A Northern Ireland coffee roaster has brewed up a new deal worth £450,000, supplying coffee to Stena Line ferries.

Bailies Coffee in Belfast will supply coffee, barista training and machine servicing on five Irish Sea routes.

The contract follows a trial of Bailies' package on the Stena Navigator vessel.

Ian Jamieson, head of purchasing for Stena Line on the Irish Sea, said the company had identified coffee as an area it needed to improve on - and Bailies had emerged as the right candidate to improve its coffee provision.

"Bailies demonstrated an impressive level of expertise in all areas of coffee production, and we witnessed a definite passion for the product amongst all the staff on our visit to the Belfast roasterie.

"We trialled Bailies' recommended approach on our Belfast-based Stena Navigator vessel and we have been blown away by the improvement in coffee quality and the positive customer feedback that has quickly resulted.

"The decision to roll out Bailies coffee on all of our Irish Sea vessels was a logical next step and has proven to be very popular with passengers on all of our routes."

Bailies is Fair Trade registered and has supplied espresso beans to two of the last four Irish Barista Champions.

Business development manager Ross Kane said: "Consumers have become very knowledgeable and discerning about all types of food and drink in recent times, and coffee is no exception.

"With so many outlets now providing great coffee, consumers will simply not accept anything less, and it is our ability to respond to this evolving demand that I feel sets us apart," he said.