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Coleraine company turns hand to making mattresses for cows

By Clare Weir

A Coleraine company is now making comfy mattresses and pillows for cows with recycled tyres from Cork.

Wilson Agriculture Ltd's link-up has generated additional sales of over £178,000 and cost savings of £3,000.

The firm manufactures a range of products that improve conditions for cows and increase milk yields. The cow mattresses require 65kg of crumb rubber filling material and the collaboration has provided a sustainable solution for recycled tyres.

The supplier has secured another customer while Wilson Agriculture Ltd has been able to convert the material into a high value product for the agricultural sector and improved its environmental credentials.

The partnership was facilitated by Invest Northern Ireland's Industrial Symbiosis service.

Andrew Wilson, managing director at Wilson Agriculture, said the link-up has enabled the firm to find valuable alternative sources of material. "This not only saves us money but enables us to remain competitive in export markets too." he said.

Olive Hill from Invest Northern Ireland added: "The Industrial Symbiosis service is helping local companies to generate significant savings and/or additional sales by diverting waste from costly landfill. At the same time companies using the waste products are reducing their raw material costs. This is an excellent result for Wilson Agriculture and I'd encourage more people to explore how this service could benefit them."

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