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Community group buys house to refurbish with aid of £80k

By Staff Reporter

A community group set up to drive social and economic development in Lisburn has received another loan from the Ulster Community Investment Trust (UCIT).

Resurgam Community Development Trust will put the £80,000 loan towards buying a semi-detached three bedroom house in need of refurbishment. The trust said the process provides employment and training opportunities.

Resurgam operates social enterprises Premier Taxi Company, Laganview Enterprise Centre, Lisburn Community Inns, New Horizons Credit Union and Lisburn Community Self Build.

UCIT provides affordable loans to community and social enterprise businesses throughout Ireland.

In 2010 Lisburn Community Self-Build received a £165,000 loan from UCIT to build four semi-detached houses which were then sold on to Connswater Housing.

Resurgam says its purchase of housing stock can provide construction training and jobs to young people while also contributing to social housing.

Resurgam trust director Adrian Bird said: "There are people in the area struggling for employment, especially the young. We are giving them an opportunity to learn the skills they will need to find a job. For us it is all about jobs and we have already created over 100 jobs across our 10 enterprises, contributing £1.7m in salaries to the local economy.

"All profits raised through the business are reinvested back into the company or directly into the community, particularly the health and education sector.

He added: "To date we have paid for four people to complete university degrees."

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