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Company Report

Heron Bros Ltd

By John Simpson

Heron Brothers is trading successfully in the construction business. The company is based in Cookstown, but more recently, in June this year, the ownership of the company and its related businesses was transferred to an Isle of Man0registered business with the same name.

The strategic report by the directors says that turnover has continued to grow at sustainable levels as a result of their expansion in the UK market.

They expect continued expansion through consolidating existing sectors within which the firm operates and through the pursuit of niche markets, strategic joint ventures and in conjunction with its property division.

This will be related to a development model where it engages in site identification, design and build with sale or leasing of the development to both private and public sector clients.

The company emphasises an approach which ensures that key issues such as health and safety are not compromised.

In the past three years, annual turnover at the company has risen by over 20% to reach £57m. The increased turnover has been more than proportionately reflected in both operating and pre-tax profits. This expansion has been facilitated by major capital investments in the last three years.

The company has successfully gained several important awards and accreditations relating to health and safety, environmental and quality standards.

These awards also support and relate to a series of actions demonstrating an active policy of supporting the idea of corporate social responsibility.

Community issues attract the support of the company in areas where it operates.

The company balance sheet reports relatively low levels of corporate borrowing and additionally the retention of a large part of the post-tax profits within the business.

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