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Company report: Ballyvesey Holdings Ltd

By John Simpson

The Ballyvesey Holdings group is owned by Northern Ireland family shareholders and has its headquarters in Doncaster. The group's principal activities are described as in transport services, vehicle sales and trailer manufacture.

In Northern Ireland, the group owns several transport companies, including Montgomery Transport, East-West Transport, Dukes Transport (Craigavon) and JE Coulter. In addition to a large number of transport companies in England, the group also owns a subsidiary recruitment agency in Poland, as well as a Northern Ireland metal recycling business and an English based trailer manufacturer.

During the most recent year, Ballyvesey bought a controlling interest in DMC Trailers for £1.7m.

The trading network extends across the UK and into Europe. It includes over 35 active and diverse trading companies in the freight transport business, vehicle sales, plant dealerships and specialist financial support.

Last year turnover increased by £63m to reach £591m - up 13%.

Group operating profit fell by 23% from the figure in 2013 to £5.2m. Pre-tax profits also fell in 2014 by a similar margin. Annual payments on the lease and purchase agreements of vehicles operated by the group rose to nearly £30m.

Average employment last year was 2,582 people, a further 10% increase on 2013.

The company has a modest dividend policy for shareholders. In each recent year dividends to shareholders have cost £242,000.

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