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Company report: Delta Print and Packaging

By John Simspon

Delta Print and Packaging has recently substantially increased its investment at its main production plant at Kennedy Way in Belfast. An employment increase of 100 people is planned.

The company designs and makes printed carton packaging for a number of well-known retail food outlets and also for a range of other consumer products.

Delta Print and Packaging is itself a subsidiary of Delta Print and Packaging Holdings, a company registered in the Isle of Man.

Major customers have been McDonalds, KFC and Greiner. A large proportion of production is shipped to customers outside Northern Ireland.

The company has been a steady success story under the leadership of chairman Terry Cross. In the last five financial years, business turnover has more than doubled as also has the balance sheet value of shareholders' funds.

Financial results were strained in the years 2007 and 2008 but since then annual results have improved and in each of the last two years pre-tax profits have exceeded 6.5% of turnover. In recent years the company has retained its post-tax profits to contribute to the capital investment programme.

Employment numbers in the company have increased from an average of 164 five years ago to an average of 244 people more recently.

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