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Company Report: The Kainos Group

By John Simpson

The Kainos Group of companies is now listed on the London Stock Exchange. Kainos Software is the main subsidiary of the group and is a digital services company specialising in information technology expertise for a number of clients, particularly in government, financial services and healthcare.

Kainos was established 30 years ago as a spin-out from Queen's University in association with Fujitsu. In recent years it has successfully expanded its business base, its geographic market reach and its employment levels.

The company has headquarters in Belfast but has other offices in Londonderry, Dublin, Great Britain, Poland and the United States.

The recent annual report says Kainos is a global business which has delivered over 35% compound growth in the past three years.

It suggests that the company is recognised as a continuing force in its core markets of government, healthcare and commercial industries. The business model is described modestly as simple: "We recruit the best people and encourage them to deliver exceptional services and products to customers."

Last year the business development was delivered through three themes: expertise in digital services, further developing the specialised work in the acute sector of the NHS, and extending Kainos as "a boutique partner in the Workday ecosystem".

The financial results improved in the year to March 2016. Turnover increased by 26% to reach over £76m and pre-tax profits improved by over 20% to reach just over £14m.

Average employment rose to over 730 people.

In the most recent financial year, £13.3m was paid as dividends to shareholders.

The balance sheet value of the shareholders' funds rose by 9% to £25.9m.

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