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Company's R&D and manufacturing is given a £1.2m boost

By Margaret Canning

Northern Ireland firm MOF Technologies has announced a £1.2m investment in new production and research and development facilities.

The company, which specialises in metal organic frameworks (MOFs), said that it now had the means for full-scale production.

The Belfast-based firm, which started out as a Queen's University spin-out, has received support from the EU's Horizon 2020 fund and Queen's.

MOFs are highly porous materials that can store, separate and capture specific gases. They can be used in industries such as gas storage, transport and heat transformation.

Last year MOF Technologies worked with the North American company Decco Worldwide to launch theTruPickTM, a material which enables the long-term storage of hard fruits by delaying ripening.

The market for MOFs is tipped to be worth£2.2bn by 2022.

Now MOF Technologies has secured new R&D facilities at the AgriFood & Biosciences Institutes in Belfast.

It has said it will use the facilities to develop the next generation of MOFs, which can then be scaled up at the production facility.

The company will be using old lab space at Queen's David Keir building in Stranmillis for production.

Chief executive Dr Paschal McCloskey said: "This is a major milestone for a company working in a space as specialised as ours. Getting to a point where our technology can be produced on a commercial scale gives us much greater scope for bringing MOFs to several new markets."

In January it announced it had won new investment from Excelsa Ventures in London and QUBIS, the research commercialisation arm of Queen's.

The company was established by QUBIS in partnership with inventor Professor Stuart James in 2012. It started out at the Queen's School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

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