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Competition in domestic gas market heats up with Firmus

Competition for greater Belfast's domestic gas market has finally heated up.

Customers in the city now have a choice of suppliers after state-owned Irish company Firmus Energy moved in yesterday, ending the dominance of Phoenix Natural Gas.

Mark Prentice, managing director for Firmus Energy, said the competition would mean lower prices for direct debit customers. He said discounts could include 7.5% off Phoenix Gas prices for the first 12 months and 5% discount for the second 12 months.

"Whatever price Phoenix charges over the next two years, firmus energy prices will always be cheaper - we guarantee it," Mr Prentice said. "This means that customers who switch to us could save up to 11.5% on their gas bills in the first 12 months alone. Over two years, this could equate to a saving of over £100 for an average home.

"Although the greater Belfast market was opened for competition in early 2007, it is frustrating that the necessary processes to allow domestic customers to switch were not developed up to now."

Pay-as-you-go customers will not benefit from lower prices. Credit customers will only see a 1% discount.