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Conference planned to attract US investment to Northern Ireland

The US government has confirmed plans to host a major Northern Ireland investment conference.

The US-NI Economic Conference will be held on October 19, with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton overseeing the event at the State Department in Washington DC.

Political leaders had already made a commitment to holding the conference, but the announcement fixed a date for the one-day event and confirmed that it will bring together leading executives considering investment in Northern Ireland, plus US companies who already operating in the region.

Declan Kelly, US Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland, said First Minister Peter Robinson, Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, and senior economic officials will also take part in the event.

Mr Kelly added: “The economic conference provides a unique forum to showcase all that Northern Ireland offers to a selective, highly targeted group of companies.

“The potential investors at the conference will have the opportunity to hear the business case for investing in Northern Ireland from the best possible advocates, namely those companies that have already invested in the region.”

Mr Kelly's efforts to encourage investment is part of the US’s support for the peace process and efforts to create jobs on both sides of the Atlantic.

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