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Conroy Gold & Natural Resources confirm viability of border gold mine


Mining firm Conroy Gold & Natural Resources has confirmed the viability of its Clontibret gold mine in Co Monaghan.

The company said that the gold ore, which runs along a seam into Co Armagh, can be processed effectively using environmentally friendly technology called BIOX.

The BIOX process recovers gold using bacterial oxidisation – it's an alternative to traditional chemical treatments.

"I am delighted at these positive final mineralogical and metallurgical results which confirm the technical and financial viability of the proposed BIOX technology for processing the ore," said chairman Professor Richard Conroy.

"This is a key step in bringing the gold mine at Clontibret into operation".

Mr Conroy added that the historic Clontibret mine, which was in operation in the 1800s, contains one million ounces of gold.

However, only 20% of the target area has been assessed.

Conroy Gold and Natural Resources plc has been test mining a 30-mile gold district across Armagh, Monaghan and Cavan.

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