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Corporation tax powers and economic boost 'within our grasp', says Grow NI

By Margaret Canning

A triple crown of political stability, resolution of financial difficulties and devolution of corporation tax powers are within grasp of the political parties, it's been claimed.

Grow NI, an umbrella group of businesspeople in favour of devolution of corporation tax powers to Northern Ireland, said the rewards for a successful outcome to the talks were "enormous".

Eamonn Donaghy, a tax advisor at KPMG and spokesman for Grow NI, said: "We recognise that our future economic, social and civic wellbeing now rests on these talks." "We wish our politicians well and expect them to deliver," he added.

In his Autumn Statement last week, Chancellor George Osborne said the Government recognised the arguments for devolution of corporation tax-setting powers.

But he said devolution of corporation tax would depend on a successful resolution of the present talks.

Mr Donaghy said: "It is now clear that the successful outcome of the current talks have three prizes at stake - long term political stability, resolution to the current financial and budgetary difficulties and the devolution of corporation tax varying powers."

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