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Countdown begins for Northern Ireland's Virtual ICT Week

By Carlton Baxter

The Virtual ICT Week powered by eircom Northern Ireland and in association with Belfast Telegraph online will be exploring how companies can use ICT to do better business at a time when advances in technology are almost outstripping our ability to come to grips with them.

For many the brave new world of ICT can be best encapsulated by thinking about the Internet because it is this which remains the grand facilitator for a wealth of technologies that are shaping the way we do business today, but more than that, almost dictating the way we will do business in the future.

Companies throughout Northern Ireland are using ICT daily for a vast range of commercial activities. The extent to which they do so looks set to grow and increasingly tasks that would have been done in your office will be completed ‘out there’ amidst the zillions of pieces of data whizzing across the Internet.

Pieces of technological kit like computers and servers, which used to sit in the ‘IT’ room, will disappear to be replaced by connections to invisible machines somewhere else in the world, as companies connect directly to the Web and find the contents of their IT room out there in the ‘clouds’!

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But that’s all well and good and not much use if we don’t know how to use this technology and be part of the Virtual World Revolution going on around us.

And it’s not much use if it doesn’t help us save money, export better, create efficiencies, generate wealth and employment or increase competition. That’s where this supplement comes in and specifically, the five FREE seminars being hosted over the Internet this week.

The ICT industry in Northern Ireland is a growing sector. It is an area where there is job growth, with new employment in the knowledge industries including software development, software testing and funds administration.

It is a sector with over 700 businesses, which employs over 15,000 people. With the Northern Ireland Executive indicating that growth of the ICT industry is a top priority it is obvious that expansion within Northern Ireland will happen and as a result there will be opportunities for international development.

But you don’t have to be an IT company to be part of the Virtual World Revolution. Indeed the chances are you’re not and you won’t be!

The journey begins at noon on Monday 29th November 2010.

For more information on why you should get involved in Virtual ICT Week listen to Darren Lemon, Manager of eircom Northern Ireland.

For more information on what’s happening in Virtual ICT Week listen to Jonathan Magee, Head of Solutions, eircom Northern Ireland

To register for ICT week click here

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