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Countdown to Geri's chocolate Advent


Coleraine chocolatier Geri Martin

Coleraine chocolatier Geri Martin

Coleraine chocolatier Geri Martin

There's good news this Christmas for chocolate lovers - Co Londonderry business Chocolate Manor has launched its own advent calendar.

From miniature aliens and witches for Halloween to advent calendars - seasonal markets have become a major boost to business for Coleraine chocolatier Geri Martin.

Geri initially set out to make a limited number of chocolate advent calendars, but decided to up production when her first 40 sold out in just four days.

She got the idea when launching another product at a festival celebrating Hans Sloane - the Killinchy-born nobleman who pioneered hot chocolate.

"I was at the Hans Sloane Chocolate Festival in Killyleagh this year where I launched my daily discs - a range of chocolate discs designed to give chocolate lovers their daily fix - when someone suggested I should make a range of Christmas discs," she said.

The chocolate discs are contained in the advent calendar.

"The whole point of an advent calendar is that it's a surprise so I've tried to make the chocolates a surprise for each person," said Geri.

"For children, I've got the parents to send me their favourite toys and for older recipients I've included personal messages and memories."

Geri launched her business in 2012, and it's become well-known for its personalised edible corporate gifts, which are hand-crafted using Belgian chocolate. She also runs children's workshops for Londonderry Inner City Trust.

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