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'Crisis' over increased wages for execs, warns report

By Staff Reporter

The growing gap between the pay of executives and the rest of the workforce is having a "significant" impact on staff motivation, a new report has warned.

A group representing human resources managers said there was now a "crisis" over increases in pay for executives. A study by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that three out of five workers felt demotivated by the high level of money paid to chief executives.

More than half of 1,000 workers surveyed said pay was bad for the reputation of UK companies.

Charles Cotton of the CIPD said: "The growing disparity between pay at the high and lower ends of the pay scale for today's workforce is leading to a real sense of unfairness which is impacting on employees' motivation at work. The message from employees to chief executives is clear - 'the more you take, the less we'll give'."

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