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Cross-border mushroom producers collaborate on new techniques

Two mushroom companies are taking part in cross border research and development into the use of raw materials in mushroom production.

Monaghan Mushrooms and McDon Mushroom Casing in Dungannon, Co Tyrone have joined the programme, led by the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) at Loughgall, Co Armagh.

The project is looking into a new production system which will monitor changes in compost and casing from raw materials to final products. New techniques will be used to evaluate the materials.

AFBI project manager Mairead Kilpatrick said: “This type |of industry-science collaboration is the most effective way forward for all.

“It guarantees the application of innovative analytical technologies in a practical commercial forum and ensures the fastest possible technology and knowledge transfer to industry.”

John Collier, group research and development manager at Monaghan Mushrooms, said: “We have always believed that an investment in research and development will shape our future. This is why we have established a world-class research and development centre.

“With ever increasing pressure on the mushroom industry, the importance of innovative research and development cannot be underestimated and this new contract agreement with AFBI at Loughgall will ensure the mushroom industry is well placed to meet future challenges in production”.

Jim McCourt of McDon Mushroom Casing, said: “McDon prides itself in working closely with our customers to ensure that the best quality casing is available, to provide the grower with the highest yields and mushroom quality possible.”

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