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Crowdfund used by Belfast woman to raise money for software to help autism

By Margaret Canning

A Belfast woman who created software to help in the care of her autistic son is hoping to raise £50,000 to launch the product.

Mother-of-four Debbie Craig created platform Boop through her company Limejar to help carers and educators engage with autistic children.

It will provide data which carers can use to support the child's development and provide autistic children with opportunities to develop self-awareness, self-management and independent learning skills.

Her son Nicholas, now 10-years-old was diagnosed with autism during her first year of a university degree in computer science.

She developed a basic version of Boop after graduating and is now fine-turning the software.

Ms Craig has raised £70,000 in grant funding and completed the Propel Programme, an incubator for start-ups with high growth potential. Now she is hoping to raise £50,000 through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help the product to market.

"Children with autism need a connected support system of carers, teachers and parents," she said. "Boop provides a link between all of the important people in a child's life, as well as children themselves."

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