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Customer service rankings launched to help with choosing energy supplier

Households have a new online tool to help them choose an energy supplier with a ranking of the biggest 18 companies on customer service.

Citizens Advice has launched the at-a-glance star ranking to help people make an informed choice about switching.

It awards companies one to five stars based on how well they handle customer complaints, ease of switching and contact, bill clarity and whether or not the supplier is signed up to the switch guarantee committing them to completing the process within 21 days.

The ranking will be updated quarterly.

The first ranking has Ecotricity and Flow Energy at the top, both with 4.25 stars, while Extra Energy is at the bottom of the table with 2.5 stars.

Citizens Advice chief executive Gillian Guy said: "Customers shouldn't feel like they have to take a leap of faith when choosing a new energy supplier.

"While people said that price was their primary consideration when switching energy supplier, customer service also has some bearing on their decision. The new star rating will make it easier for people to tell how good a supplier is at customer service so they can make sure they find the company that best suits their needs - on price and service.

"We also hope the tool will encourage suppliers to improve their level of customer service with customers now able to scrutinise their performance across a range of different service factors - from complaints to ease of switching."

Ofgem's senior partner for consumers and competition Rachel Fletcher said: "This is an important new tool. People have been able to compare energy suppliers' prices for some time.

"Now this star rating system provides consumers with an easy way to compare suppliers' performance on service as well.

"It will help people to choose the best possible energy deal for themselves.

"It shines a light on suppliers and puts pressure on poorly rated companies to up their game or risk losing customers."

The Citizens Advice Energy Supplier rating tool launches today.

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